Reply To: Supreme Court asks for input of Solicitor General; what does this mean?


Allow me to sum it up a little further on what we are likely looking at, in my opinion.

The Solicitor General’s job is to defend federal laws. Michigan is using the Adam Walsh Act, a federal law. The Solicitor General will most likely recommend that the Court grants Michigan a review, and the Court almost always follows the Solicitor General’s recommendation.

The Solicitor General is known to take months before submitting his views and the Court will likely take another month or so to read it and conference on it. So for those of us hoping the waiting would be over today, I am sorry to say it is going to continue and this time the wait will be even harder, as many of us had high hopes that we would be able to start moving on after today and putting our lives back together. Many of us are crushed by this news and feeling depressed or hopeless.

If we are lucky, the case will be heard by the Court sometime in the Fall, but it is likely going to be heard by 5 “tough on crime” Justices, whom are unlikely to rule in our favor. When the Justices rule that Michigan is NOT breaking Ex Post Facto laws by adding restrictions retroactively, we can then expect even more punishing and oppressive laws to be enacted for us to follow. Those of us who are currently registering for 25 years, can expect that to be changed to life. Reporting requirements and frequency will also increase.

If this bleak picture I just painted turns out the way I predict it will, the Court will be giving the State Governments the power to do anything they wish to people convicted of sex offenses. This is very disheartening and discouraging.

I think we should make efforts to come together and discuss the best way to address this potential outcome before it is decided on, rather than cross our fingers and hope for the best. What are our options in this matter? Can we discuss that?