Reply To: Judge rules molestation conviction requires proof of intent

Tim Mercer

California Courts have held to such legal railroading for years. And it has paid the state well. State and County financial hoppers are filled with such lucrative unethically gained finances.
But we “Californa” in our legislative efforts have taken it to a new level of insanity by adopting the California One Whitness law.. It states… ” Any one Whitness who’s testimony in not discredited begore a trier of fact is suficient for a verdict”
In essence, burden of proof be gone.. It literally places the burden of proof on the shoulders of the defendant. And allows a conviction based on any statement made by any one person with no other required evidence.
Further is allows prosecutors to shift the burden of proof upon any defendant with no redress required.
When the right of any defendant is violated.. We are all at risk untill injustice is redressed..
Bottom line is simple..