Reply To: Judge rules molestation conviction requires proof of intent

Legislative questioning

Be nice to see the legislative members and the governor hauled into a session to defend what they meant then when they created this law and debated it before passing it and having it signed into law. It is, maybe, all documented and can be reviewed by the public record (not sure if all committee meetings are documented for the public record and we know getting emails on the topic can be hard to get), but for them to defend themselves in front of someone or a panel and then learn how it could be thought of differently would be a concept worth the price of admission. A public second guessing of their work could possibly get them to maybe think more before actually seeing it to a vote? I said maybe, not realistically, because it would require an open mind for them to see the other ways it can be construed and legislatures rarely have open minds when it comes to other ways of thinking besides theirs. Legislative members are on the same level with attorneys in public opinion as given by their low ratings.

Kudos to Judge Wake on this…..