Reply To: Judge rules molestation conviction requires proof of intent

Mad as Hell

But Sandy, why this law at this time? I mean how long has parenting been around? Of course all of my 60 years and certainly way way way way back further than that; hell, my wife and I were even parents of a baby and raised him very well. And no one, to my knowledge at least, ever, ever, proposed any law of this type anywhere so I would not only have to question that individual(s) mental state but also their motivation(s). So Sandy in my opinion there is no defense for AZ for passing this type of law; also Sandy, please tell me how the hell is AZ going to ENFORCE this statute??? The only way I see police catching a parent bathing his/her 1 year is to either have a police officer in every AZ home, or, have CCTVs in every AZ home with police monitoring, or, have another parent or family member snitch the other parent or family member out. What this statute will do is make parents close their homes off and keep everything IN HOUSE a secret; don’t let the Government be quartered in your home!That is your home, your privacy, your family and therefore you parent your children in the best manner you see fit. Sandy, this is bad law plain and simple and there is NO DEFENSE for AZ in passing this law!!!