Reply To: Judge rules molestation conviction requires proof of intent

Mike Flores

This money scheme has gotten way out of hand and it is just damned ridiculous. This animals are taking away everything that is family, and I think they are doing this because maybe they are the ones with perverted intentions and they think that everyone is like them. We as a people need to unite and fight for our rights immediately because if we wait any longer they will take away everything that is family. I’ve read history books and came across how in the old days slave traders used to separate families not caring about the heartbreak these people were going through. In these times with these laws they are separating families the same way, not caring that the children miss their dads or their moms leaving without clue of what it is to have their accused parent around. I don’t agree with anyone raping or molesting another person, but not everyone that is accused is guilty, but if you put a grown person, and an under age kid on the stand the jury that don’t one thing about the accused will pretty much find you guilty because of the outcry.