Reply To: Judge rules molestation conviction requires proof of intent

Mad as Hell

WTF!!!! Are you kidding me? Has the state legislature for AZ lost their collective damned minds in passing such an ignorant, and pathetic law? First of all, what parent does not touch their little ones up until a certain age, say at least 10. By age 4 a child should be potty trained. By 6-7 they are more than likely bathing on their own—my son was bathing himself at 5 and didn’t want me or his mother around and by 10, hell he thought he was a grown man. But children fro birth to say 2 maybe 3 need their parent’s helping hand. What, does not or do not any AZ legislator touch their children? Especially if any of them have small ones at home. Or do they just let their babies keep “S%#!” dippers on? WTF is this world coming to with this sex thing? Keep this up and 20 years from now it will be illegal all together to even make love to your spouse. WTF!!!