Reply To: Public sex offender registries good for one thing: inhibiting rehabilitation


I was actually the CEO of a corporation that ran a fur con. Many years ago I stepped down from being con chair, and went to just being the CEO because people started throwing around my status. Everything went pretty well, then one day, I got a letter stating that I was being asked to step down as CEO because apparently I had molested some teenager in the hot tub. I assured them that did not happen, would not happen, and I had witnesses with me in the hot tub every time I went there. I thought it was all over again, then recently, we had some violent talk going on, and I stepped in, and once again I was completely belittled on behalf of my status. It got to the point where we finally just closed down the con. All because people think that something that happened 25 years ago had any bearing on my capabilities to run a convention.