Reply To: Public sex offender registries good for one thing: inhibiting rehabilitation

NH Registrant

What happened to me was a horror story. When you are up against the power of the state (and their bottomless wallet) on false charges and manufactured evidence, what can you do? I was given a choice of a short sentence through a Public Defender plea deal – or taking it to court, losing anyway, and spending decades in prison. What choice is that? I had lots of people without sex crimes in prison telling me they would never have taken the deal and would have fought – so I MUST be guilty! That’s prison logic for you. But, prisons MAKE people think that way. The media makes people think that way. So, it basically becomes you against the world when you are accused of a sex crime. Then, if you live through prison, you make it out to be branded for life as a danger to the public – forever under the thumb of the state and the suspicion of anyone who knows you are on that horrible public registry. If you were innocent in the first place, it’s a nightmare you can’t wake up from. My life ended when they came to my house with the search warrant and an ex-parte order to steal my child from me. Now, I’m just existing. I am doing the best I can with it. What else can I do? If I advocate publicly, vigilantes know where I live and they HAVE killed people on the registry around here at random a few years back. I don’t want to put my family in that kind of danger. The police don’t care of someone comes for you to do you harm if you are on the registry. Janice Belucci has, so eloquently, told the story many times of her friend who was nearly killed by a vigilante. The police did nothing then, they did nothing around here, and they will do nothing in the future. Sad, but true. So, I am FOREVER grateful that the good people who work within National RSOL exist. They are my heroes and the only hope I have of ever living a registry-free life ever again.

I don’t like telling people of my conviction. But, those I care about – or potential close friends – I have to tell about it because they can find out by entering my name in any search engine. I come up on 4 registries (State, Homefacts, City-Data, and Mugshots). It’s sickening that it is allowed to be on any website other than the state’s. In fact, it’s sickening that it exists at all because it does absolutely no one any good.