Reply To: Public sex offender registries good for one thing: inhibiting rehabilitation


My own personal experience has been pure insanity. I confessed and signed a plea deal as a 1st time offender back in 1998. Throughout my ordeal I was found not to be a sexual predator. While serving my time I mailed the probation department of the county I was to be released to concerning employment restrictions as I was choosing classes for my Associate’s degree. I never received a reply so I chose HVAC. I graduated summa cum laude and was able to work 6 months in the field when probation yanked me out of there, declaring that I couldn’t do any residential work. I moved to my State’s capital and within a year was offered a position making 6 figures a year for a commercial HVAC company that were well aware of my criminal background and restrictions. Probation refused because I would be traveling with the company to various locations 2-3 weeks out of the month. My skills and knowledge stagnated and I found minor success here and there at unsavory small factories.

I always kept up with all requirements and was to be removed from the registry after 3 years which then got upped to 10 years due to State law then finally for life and added svp status as my offense made me one, “by operation of law”. I have been burglarized and harassed all the while the police and prosecutor in my small town have refused to carry out their duties and even allowed the burglarers to leave with items from my garage. The burglarers were out of state relatives of my wife’s and came back that same night taking my elderly father in laws’ Van. Prosecutor refused to extradite and they were released with the vehicle halfway home to their state.

I was arrested when same relatives said I was living in my home while I was not supposed to, I was in compliance however and staying 2 days in my home and splitting the other 5 days between a friend and siblings home. The case thrown out when a Judge ordered sheriff to allow me back in the home since as a svp I was indeed allowed to reside at home with my wife and 3 children. I was seeing that Judge to seek removal from registry when my lawyer pointed out that if prosecutor was restricting my residential using “offender against children” rules then my registry requirement ended a couple of years back but if I’m an SVP then there isn’t such a restriction in my case so I am by law allowed to live at home. Judge refused removal saying we had to hire psychologists and take tests at my expense before hearing arguments that I’m no longer a threat. I had been off any paper except registry since 04 and this was in 2014.

Meanwhile throughout all of this, my wife’s ex husband left State after numerous harassments such as DCS (or CPS) calls saying I was abusing his daughter. Investigated 4 times and the allegations proved unfounded. Seven years go by and he suddenly shows back up calls DCS again with allegation investigated and my stepdaughter telling them I have never abused her and that the ex is just causing drama again. The ex got a job working with my wife then told everyone about me and my past even printed up my registry page to show around, posted it on Facebook and generally hurling insults and begging ppl to help him get rid of me. Showed police and they say it isn’t harassment just him being annoying.

Needless to say, he is a dead beat dad over 60000 in back support owed with a body attachment order on him, still not arrested but wife did talk with her boss and he was told to stop the work stuff. We never withheld his visitations with his son and daughter but since he left 7 years ago he’s not been in contact other than 2 messages promising he is going to get me out. Wife now had this Facebook profile shut down (3rd one).

Bottom line for me is simply, when is enough enough? This treatment is beyond punitive. I will continue to live my life and prove the haters wrong but the depression and stress is too much for me to handle for the rest of my life. I hope and pray that someday I’ll be truly free to drop off, pick up and attend after school activities with my kids. I’d love to vacation or visit more than my home state without worrying about checking in with every law enforcement agency in order to see the Statue of Liberty or take my kids to Disneyland. But I seriously doubt the laws will change. Meanwhile I’ll try to keep my head above water and keep in mind that my past mistakes do not define the man I am today.