Reply To: Public sex offender registries good for one thing: inhibiting rehabilitation

NH Registrant

Government policies hurt people more than they help people. Whether it be war, weapons dealing, tax breaks for the ultra wealthy, allowing corporations to run rough-shod over our way of life, sending billions upon billions in aid to countries that neither want it nor deserve it, and our current out-of-control police state, both state and federal policies harm nearly all of the population of America. States put forward Orwellian double-speak about how they are protecting children with the draconian sex laws. But, yet, millions of children suffer from their policies. Tens of thousands of kids are homeless. Even more have the food taken from them when the government cuts school lunch programs to hand the money over to their criminal friends who donated money to their campaigns. Children are given harmful vaccinations that are purported to cause autism and other maladies. And their war policies murder entire families of children overseas while stealing thousands of parents from children in our country as they are sacrificed on the battlefield to feed the never satisfied war machine which devours lives daily.

What is at the base, the very root, of all of this suffering that is caused by our out governments, whether they be local or state? Greed and power. Simple as that.
– Why does war exist? Greed. It feeds the billionaires who invest in it.
– Why do families starve when their assistance is cut? Greed. It allocates money back to the politicians’ wealthy donors.
– Why do sex offender laws exist that only serve to harm children and families while being put forward under the lie of being meant to protect the children? Greed. It feeds the ever hungry Prison Industry which is a direct part of Law Enforcement, which is a direct part of the War Machine. Why do you think that those weapons of war find their way so easily into our police departments? It’s all the same industry. Look at Guantanamo Bay concentration camp. Look at any of the footage of the inside of the building. Every part of that facility can be found in any American prison or county jail. It’s all the same industry – no matter if it’s private prisons or state prisons.

How can we stop it? I really don’t know. The money has to be taken out of it. But, the public is too brainwashed into believing that sex crimes happen every minute and that every man is after their children for evil purposes. Men don’t even dare help children who may be lost or in need because of the propaganda-lies-driven hysteria that infects everyone around the globe makes them a person under suspicion. It has to end somehow. I just don’t know how.