Reply To: Public sex offender registries good for one thing: inhibiting rehabilitation

In Search of Liberty

But people, Inhibit Rehabilitation, Banish, Disenfranchise, Stigmatize/Scarlet Letter, Emasculate & Destroy Families is what the registry was designed to do. These laws were built as a mechanism for post-incarceration punishment—plain and simple. And the federal courts for the past 15 or so years have basically said “So what they are Unconstitutional, there are sex offenders, the worst of the worst and this is what the people want so we are going to uphold these laws anyway…” That is until Does v. Snyder out of the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. A court that had the balls to set the record straight and say the magic word “PUNISHMENT” and rule MI Unconstitutional! State and federal legislators know these laws violate Ex Post Facto (when applied after conviction & sentence), Due process, both Substantive & Procedural, when a person is not given notice, cannot confront his/her accuser, cannot defend himself in open court against charges. You can also include denial of Equal Protection and Cruel and Unusual Punishment as well. But again, these laws were made to continue punishment post-incarceration and hide under the guise of “Civil” regulation. Some real slimy stuff don’t you think? And as to Does v. Snyder, I can’t wait to see what SCOTUS is going to do with this request for Certiorari by the Michigan AG. This is going to be interesting. a) Do they deny Certiorari and let the 6th Circuit ruling stand, b) do they grant Certiorari, uphold Snyder and piss off probably 90% of America, or c) do they grant Certiorari, overturn Snyder and condemn all RSOs in America to the S#@T holes of life. Because everyone should know that if ‘c’ happens what just about every state legislature is going to do, [yes, the same thing they did after the 2003 Smith v Doe ruling uphold the Alaska registry/registration with that lie (Frightening and High residivism) Justice Kennedy put out there] start passing all manner of draconian restrictions for RSOs. I would not be surprised if a few states (FL, GA, NC, LA maybe TX) didn’t come up with Nazi style concentration camps for RSOs. Stay turned.