Reply To: Public sex offender registries good for one thing: inhibiting rehabilitation


Those of us on the registry can completely relate to his perilous journey attempting to make a meaningful life for himself. Most of us fear even attempting what he has done out of fear of the exact things that have happened to him.

As for myself, even though im highly educated i dare not attempt to seek employment at any business related to any of my degrees. Instead I have relegated my services to family members and buying and selling things I can flip online such as ebay. This, at least in my mind, keeps me fairly safe from having to deal with things such as what Daniel is dealing with.

Im fairly new to the registry so maybe in time things will change or i will be able to deal with it better. I just hate feeling like im selling myself short because im on the registry. I know im not a bad person, just someone who made a bad decision with what I downloaded and im certainly not beyond rehabilitation like they like to label all of us. Most of us had jobs, girlfriends, relationships, social networks etc before we started doing what got us into trouble, we were people once…and we still are, but not to a great many presently.

The last point I want to make about this article is that marginalizing people NEVER makes things safer. In fact when you put individuals such as ourselves into a disfavored group not based on empirical data or any type of reasonable scientific scrunity you put the public at our mercy not the other way around. Now I want to say upfront I am not suggesting or supporting any type of violence or criminal activity, but the simple fact stands. If you have everything taken from you and have virtually no way to get most of it back what kind of life do you expect someone to have if he has nothing and has no better tomorrow. Im honestly surprised the non sexual recividism rates arent sky high for our exclusive group. Maybe that is the most telling of anything…..if we were that bad as a group as the powers that be advertise, the non sexual recvidism rates would be sky high.