Reply To: Registries help feed nation’s thirst for mass incarceration

NH Registrant

While I was doing time at the state prison, I talked to the lieutenant of my building about how many inmates were there on sex offenses. He stated to me it was nearly 70%. So, are sex crimes contributing to mass incarceration? They most certainly are. In fact, in our state, they outnumber every other crime if what the lieutenant was saying was true. Incidentally, I asked other high ranking staff and they echoed the same figure. It’s stunning that the local news and politicians state that drug offenses are the main reason for overcrowding in our prisons and jails when this is apparently not the case. Yet another lie upon the pile of constant lies coming from our media and politicians.

And of course, you all know WHY there are so many people in prison. In my state, it’s $45,000 an inmate on average per year. That’s a lot of money. And, according to the budget of the prison I stayed in, 96% of that money goes straight to staff pockets.