Reply To: Registries help feed nation’s thirst for mass incarceration


This sex offender registry sure is one of main key contributors to the mass incarceration even worse than the war on drugs. All you have to do is use propaganda to convince the public of the worst case scenario of sex offense to make them believe in passing tough laws that are controversial and make a registrant’s life miserable and they can’t get help because they’re claimed to be dangerous to society, and they make it difficult for registrants to comply to certain protocols that if they screw up they are headed to prison, and prison is extremely dangerous for registrants because they are exploited to other inmates and are attacked and killed. It’s no wonder how the prisons in America are making a lot of money, which is not only from “war on drugs” but also the sex offender registry, not to mention how the US mass incarceration has violated human rights, and the Geneva convention.