Reply To: NARSOL joins Tenth Circuit case challenging license requirement



Joe123,. I absolutely agree. For some time I have myself just tried to live below the radar, and found it futile. It seems there are those who live to “bust” a registered citizen, and usually for some meaningless technical violation. There have been many “Lester Packinghams,” who have been imprisoned for nothing, for no good reason. Maestro is on the right track, as are you, that we must find a means to unite our voice. My only thoughts about it are that we need to do so in ways that are civil. We must not continue to be threatened and shamed into silence, but rather find a way to have our say. To sit in reclusive silence while unethical and grandstanding politicians continue to pass oppressive and debilitating laws will spell our doom. Passive submission will not work, nor will militant resistance. Our challenge is to find something between the two that will give us the means to work for the restoration of our rights.