Reply To: NARSOL joins Tenth Circuit case challenging license requirement


Maestro, you are absolutely correct that a united effort would go a long way in advancing the voice for relief from extremely unjust sex offender laws. However, you can rest assured there is always plenty of prison space for registered citizens. One of the things I have observed is that Rso’s are largely isolated, and just trying to survive. I can fully understand this, but we do need more united efforts if we are to be heard. At this point in time NARSOL may be our most potent weapon in getting heard, through their efforts in court cases. Those of us who support NARSOL should give great effort towards trying to get others to support them as well. There is reason for anger and frustration, but the militant voice of a great (and completely disregarded) minority will only bring a stronger hand of government against us. For now we must use reason, persistence, and patience. There is help to be found in the courts (perhaps) and it seems to me all of us ought to give our time and money (generously) to support those who can, and will, fight for us.