Reply To: NARSOL joins Tenth Circuit case challenging license requirement


I really hope this happens. I live in Louisiana and have to have both a drivers license and ID card that have “Sex Offender” on the photo in bright red letters. I also have to renew them both every year. I do not ever write checks, or use any sort of debit/credit card whenever I go to any store because I might be asked for an ID. In five years, the only time I have ever shown my ID has been to open a bank account. The woman helping me got up from her desk and got a male clerk to help me instead. Then she stood with the other tellers and stared at me. I learned right then to never, ever put myself in a situation where anyone would ask for my ID. I thought a driver’s license was proof that I can drive a car. When did it become more than that? Is the checkout clerk at Walmart safer if I write a check and show her my SO ID versus me using cash? Louisiana has some awful laws regarding SO’s and I hope that someone will take action regarding these laws. For the record, I am a Tier 1 with an “attempted obscenity” charge. All of it is bogus, but I am stuck with it.