Reply To: NARSOL joins Tenth Circuit case challenging license requirement


Cheers to Ray Neal Carney for his willingness to take on this absurd law, and thanks to NARSOL for their efforts in joining this case. This is, of course, a case that could eventually have a much farther reach than just the state of Oklahoma, as there are other states who have placed such an unjust burden upon registered citizens. In so many ways state and federal laws regarding sex offenders have been written with complete disregard to the US Constitution, and based upon facts that are at least skewed, if not downright dishonestly misrepresented. It is a personal observation that many laws, at least on a state level, have been introduced by those whose records reveal a lack of meaningful legislation that works to genuinely​ benefit the citizens. Sex offender laws, being such a passionate topic, become the “ace in the hole” for such lawmakers because inflaming passions is an easy way to obtain support, and sex offenders are easy prey. Thank God there are at least judges in this land who are willing to listen, and courageous enough to stand for the truth and value of our constitution. Let us hope that shall continue, and increase, for apart from the courts there shall be no help forthcoming to rectify the plethora of unnecessary and damning laws against sex offenders.