Reply To: Is S.C. Supreme Court right? NO! says NARSOL’s E.D. Brenda Jones


Wow…..Because how people behave at 14 is so indicative of how they will behave the rest of their lives.

And the tired excuse “it’s for the public safety” isn’t fooling anyone. Show us the data proving registries have made society safer. If 95% of new sex crimes are committed by first time offenders (not on the registry) then the registry is hardly doing what it’s supposed to.

Keep the registry private- for law enforcement only. If a judge ordered someone to stand on a busy street corner wearing a sign that said “i’m a sex offender” for the rest of their lives, that would be cruel and unusual, no? Putting someone on the public registry for life is essentially the same thing. How horrible that must feel for a young person to realize they will never have a normal life.