Reply To: Five million dollars for voodoo science? Colorado?


This is not just about the polygraphs themselves, this also has to do a lot with probation (and parole, although I don’t bring up parole because it’s a privilege you earn while incarcerated).
Probation FORCES clients with sex offenses to take polygraphs. If you refuse, you get violated.
The way the probation dept handled people with sex offenses HAS to change. And the excuses they use to justify their reasons for how they treat sex offenders NEEDS to be challenged.

My probation officers (I’ve had 8 during this 10 yr probation stunt) have all said they don’t see me as a threat due to the circumstances of my case. Yet, I still can’t go to a mall or movie theater (as if I’ve never done that in my entire life) without someone who is my ‘approved supervisor’ such as a friend or relative that probation has met with.

Probation officers will claim “We’re looking out for YOUR safety, too”. “What if someone claims you touched them even if you didn’t? You’ve got a sex offended conviction. Who are the police going to believe?”

Ok, well then, Mr/Miss probation officer, are you saying that kids/adults just go around making false accusations about random people in shopping malls and movie theaters? If that’s the case, such a thing could also happen to YOU. So I guess we should all never go to malls or movie theaters. Let them all close down.

It’s truly ridiculous!!