Reply To: Registered Americans fear assault, robbery, even murder


I have been Shot in the leg, attacked by by a guy with a knife. Had my break lines cut 9 times. I have had thinks thrown at my home. Countless windshields replaced. Obscene letters left on my doorstep. Verbally assaulted and threatened. Every single one of these incidents have been reported to police. NOTHING ever comes of it.
When I was shot it took 12 hours for the police to respond. My crime? Consensual sex with a girl that was 17 years 11 months and 2 weeks old. I was 35 at the time.

I did no jail time, Sentenced to 90 days of electronic monitoring. 10 years of probation and Life time registration. ( Arizona ) I moved to Louisiana With my wife and my reg time was reduced to what this states laws deem proper.

After 9 years and 6 months of these things happening to me we decided it was best for my wife to move. She was also the target of a few incidents.

I accept all of this. My interactions with that girl was wrong. I just want to know how much is enough?