Reply To: Registered Americans fear assault, robbery, even murder


Because of the passions that have been inflamed by the mass dissemination of false statistics, violence against sex offenders is merely collateral damage, under the guise of protecting the public. Just as people accept certain levels of contamination in their food, or levels of lead in their water, so they accept a degree of violence against registered citizens. The rule of law in our nation is slowly succumbing to the rage of passions, and registry laws are an example of this. I do not mean to disparage any of the lower courts, for there are some very fine judges in this land, who treasure the rights of ALL Americans. However, it is my personal opinion that the SCOTUS is the last bastion of Constitutional integrity in America. We simply must hope it remains so. It seems unlikely that help will come legislatively (be it state or federal), because politics is governed by what is popular and financially expedient.