Reply To: Registered Americans fear assault, robbery, even murder

NH Registrant

In my state, in 2014, someone was going around targeting people on the registry. The first found a man who was a paraplegic who had done time for a pornography possession charge. They shot him dead as soon as he answered the door. He died in his front hallway while sitting in his wheelchair. Not more than 10 miles away, a man was brutally beaten in the doorway of his home because he was mistaken for a registrant who lived nearby. The police, unsurprisingly, never found the perpetrator(s). They didn’t even do a full investigation. This is what we deal with. Janice Belucci has gone over the dangers of being on the useless registry and how it IS punishment – contrary to what our federal supreme court justices say.

We on the registry live with targets on our own backs, the backs of our family members, and possibly those who live in our immediate area. The registry must be either made private and reporting requirements/fees lessened or eliminated. You should only have to report if you move. And you should NEVER have to pay a fee to be on the registry like it is some kind of privilege! You’re paying a fee so that you can endanger the people you love and those around you. Funny how politicians never make it on the registry who commit like offenses. It’s disgusting what our country has become. I am so glad we have people like NARSOL who fight for us. No one other than our family and friends will fight for us.