Reply To: Registered Americans fear assault, robbery, even murder


Certainly fear-mongering is not a means to obtain favorable actions, nor is fear itself a healthy state of mind for those who must endure the inevitable consequences of being on a sex offender registry. While the percentage of sex offenders actually encountering violence may be small, the potential for such is an ever present reality. To publish commentary on the threat against registered citizens and their families isn’t exactly fear mongering, as both offenders and the public ought to be made aware that these conditions exist. Nevertheless, it is the voice of reason, patience, and perseverance that will gain an ear in the courts of law. Surely there is no need to ignore the incidents of “vigilante justice” being perpetrated upon some offenders. It is a reality of life that deserves to be heard. However, it will not likely be the argument that wins the day in bringing about change in registry laws. Thank God for those so willing and ably qualified to determine the most effective ways to overcome (if possible) the deeply oppressive registry laws. Registered citizens need not fear, nor resort to fear-mongering. We simply must refuse to succumb, and continue to use the voice of reason to bring about meaningful change. It is a monumental hurdle, but it is a cause that can be won in time, or so one hopes.