Reply To: Mr. Weiner, THIS is what life as a registered sex offender is like

NH Registrant


I think you may have worded that wrong. If someone truly is sick, then they need help, not execution or exile. They need to be somewhere where they can get the help they need. These days, that’s not a prison. Prison-based Sex Offender Treatment is a con game meant to keep people in prison longer to pad budgets. Heck, the entire prison SYSTEM is a con game. I know first hand because I’ve seen its intricate workings. If someone maims or murders someone else – sex crime or not – then YES, they need to go away for a while to be actually TREATED for their illness. If they enjoyed it and will do it as many times as they want, then they need to be kept locked up for life, period. I met VERY FEW guys on the inside (in the “treatment program”) that enjoyed what they did and would do it again in a heartbeat. Out of the hundreds of people I encountered there, you could count those people on one hand. Nearly all the people who ended up in prison did something stupid that they regretted. Bad judgment call, etc.

So, I’m not for execution or exile at all unless they meet the criteria I mentioned above. Most people who committed sex offenses need treatment and a very good support system that ISN’T being PAID to be their support system (therapists).