Reply To: Mr. Weiner, THIS is what life as a registered sex offender is like


I will say this as being convicted of a sexual offense. I have travel the past 7 years as a Safety Professional throughout the USA, will on parole and never had an issue to where it would stop my progress. I have been out for 10 years and I am still progressing to the top. I live a peaceful life. Who I am and who I have always been speaks contrary to the conviction render unto to me unjust-fully. I don’t mind being judge by the so-called perfect people that condemn us. I receive as a blessing according to scripture. One thing you have to do is move pass what happen and what people think. You have to tap into the true essence of your being from its original state. Brother I have retired police officer, pastors, female cops that I have met and when I tell them my conviction they be in disbelief. If I can do it so can you. Hold your head up my brother.