Reply To: Mr. Weiner, THIS is what life as a registered sex offender is like


The sad thing about situations like this where a politician gets caught up in a sex offense, especially one involving a minor, is that the politician who gets a taste of his own medicine (the S.O. laws) can’t do anything to change it because once you fall from the grace of your career/reputation, your former fellow politicians won’t hear you anymore. We ALL lose our voices when he get criminal records. No one wants to hear a “criminal” speak on anything. Whatever we experience doesn’t matter.

For our government officials and legislators to get a taste of the laws and ordinances they keep passing, they’d have to have a few of them act out a “mock” sex offender registration for 30 days and see how it feels and how truly difficult it is to try to live a normal life under such dictatorship. But none of them will ever try it.

I recently made a comment in another article in which I took a moment to pretend to think like a politician on sex offender laws. And a few days later – look at this. LOL