Reply To: Reckless threat of registration brings death to son, family


NH Registrant, if you want to be even more appalled at our crocked system, Google “PA State Trooper Pleads to Corruption of a Minor.” What is so upsetting about that? The 46 year-old trooper crawled in bed with a 9 year-old girl, fondled her, and told her he wanted to have sexual intercourse with her. The DA in Luzerne County, PA plea bargained this down to a misdemeanor corruption of a minor, which is NOT ELIGIBLE for registration on the Pennsylvania Sex Offender List!!! In PA, a person who only possess semi or nude depictions of persons under age 18 that are non-graphic, no focus on breasts, genitalia, and anus are charged with a third degree felony, the same as someone in possession of depictions of persons’ under age 18 in graphic poses and focus on private areas or engaged in real or simulated sex or being molested. THERE IS NO PROVISION TO PLEA BARGAIN POSSESSION of non-graphic, merely semi or fully nude depictions under age 18 to a misdemeanor and not eligible for registration on the PA sex offender registry!!

I ask anyone with an ounce of common sense … who is more a public risk in the aforementioned cases?

Although NEITHER should be on a public sex offender list, it is absolutely absurd that possession of non-graphic semi or fully nude depictions of persons under 18 is an automatic third degree felony and punishable by 15 years on the public shaming list.