Reply To: Reckless threat of registration brings death to son, family


I agree, Bill. The government has no business involving itself with teens exploring NATURAL, NORMAL sexual encounters with other willing teens. It is called a part of NORMAL growing up. These encounters happened so many times when I grew up in the 70s there was never any thought of involving the police. Now with the invention of cell phone videos and picture taking and easily posting such encounters on the Internet, there is no reasonable argument that it needs to reach the status of police being called to browbeat a kid about creating and posting child pornography and threatening him with jail and life on the sex offender list. It SHOULD be either a school issue if it happened in or on school property or a parental issue.

What in God’s name have we allowed the politicians and the John Walsh’s to do to us? NO ONE under age 18 should EVER be put on a public sex offender list regardless of the offense. Doing what this young man did or a situation where Bobby Brady played doctor with a willing Cindy Brady has NO BUSINESS being punished as a crime.

My heart bleeds big for this poor kid’s parents. I know that politicians do not care what adults on the sex offender list think about this, but I know our families and friends do. We need to urge them to urge these parents to fight against the entire idea of a public sex offender registry before one more kid kills himself because of police tactics that are encouraged by “tough on crime” prosecutors only looking for a way to gain higher public office. This mentality of everything is a sex offense punishable by public shaming for years and ruining the lives of the so-called offender and their family needs to stop NOW!!

I continue praying daily that it will.