Reply To: Reckless threat of registration brings death to son, family


When an individual or a nation turn away from the Lord there is an onset of progressive declesion. Money becomes their god, pleasure becomes their pursuit, anger rules their heart, and vengeance void of mercy becomes the prevailing attitude of their life. We are quite literally a nation teetering, and poised to self-destruct. Those of us who are registered citizens are keenly aware of the merciless attitude that governs so much of our nation today (though we are not at all the only citizens suffering injustices). We need help from the courts, that we might find release from laws that far exceed the bounds of fairness and justice. Our own anger will not accomplish this, and we must refuse to be ruled by such an attitude. Only God, responding to the prayers of humble and weary hearts can bring about a positive and lasting change. He alone can raise up people who are able advocates for the oppressed. A man once said, “prayer doesn’t change things. Prayer changes people, and people change things.” God send us these people!