Reply To: Reckless threat of registration brings death to son, family

In Search of Liberty

Yes, great insight all; however, my question is will all this angst translate into repeal of these laws? I think not. Watch, proponents of SO laws will remain silent of this tragic event, not want to call attention to it in the wider media, hope it goes away silently and people forget. However, the parents of this young man can do what Megan Kanka’s parents did, what John Walsh did, what Jacob Wetterling’s parents did for their children—advocate for justice for their child. This death can be put squarely on the shoulders of sex offender laws. This young man was not ignorant of what being on that hit list is about. Once the cops threatened him with being on that list, his life as an RSO flashed before his eyes. And with almost a million RSOs nationwide, he probably knew someone personally on the registry and knew what they were going through and said to himself “….to hell with that S%$!, I can’t do it, I won’t do it…” and took himself out. So one can argue convincingly that it was the SO registry that unjustly caused the death of this young man. So to Mr. & Mrs Walgren I say you have a great opportunity to NOT allow your son’s death to be in vane. Do what the Kankas did, what Walshs did, what the Wetterlings did for their child—agitate for change.