Reply To: Reckless threat of registration brings death to son, family



When you consider the age of consent laws vary from state to state and country to country, who is it that ultimately gets to make OUR decisions on when a normal human emotion and act is to occur?
In the state of CT, 16 is the legal age. I can date a 16 yr old all I want (and even my probation officer told me that as long as whoever I mess with is 16+, she doesn’t care), but if me and that same 16 yr old decided to pick up and move to NY state, suddenly I’m committing a sex offense all over again as NY’s age of consent is 17, and they wouldn’t care that the relationship already existed in a state where it’s legal.

So who the hell makes OUR decisions and how do they come up with it? We can drive, work, quite school, emancipate from our families at 16 but from state to state 16 isn’t old enough to engage in normal human behavior based on normal human physical attraction? Ha! Ok.