Reply To: Reckless threat of registration brings death to son, family


Ok, # 1) Police need to be kept out of HIGH SCHOOL AGE SEX ENCOUNTERS. There was a time when schools contacted parents to scold IF any such scolding was necessary.

#2) I’m completely fed up with these stories always having something to say along the lines of “learn from their mistakes and unwise decisions and make better ones in the future”

Since when is the NATURAL human function of SEX a mistake? What “la-la” land are these people who write these articles living in? (Sandy…? Really?)
Were THEY ALL virgins until marriage? I think not.
The only way to truly fight AGAINST sex offender registration is to STOP yielding to the already brainwashed legislature and public with constant political correctness by saying “it was a mistake and they learned their lesson”. Umm..NO! It was NOT a mistake to indulge in NORMAL, NATURAL human behavior between consenting age teens.
Also, once we experience sex, it’s a VERY VERY rare occcasion that any “lesson” was learned. We typically want to enjoy the pleasures of sex again and again. Especially males.

Stop pandering to the masses that teenagers are NON-sexual and that these instances are some RARE occurrence. This is NOT the way to FIGHT SOR’s, this is the type of fire the opposition will use to say we NEED SOR’s.

CUT IT OUT! Stop sounding so LIBERAL. Haven’t we seen enough liberal hypocrisy over the last decade? Aren’t we seeing enough of it NOW with these jackasses calling themselves “Antifa”?
I suggest you all go to YouTube and type in Antifa and see what I’m talking about. The far left cries for “acceptance and equality” yet they can’t seem to practice what they preach.

Stop being politically correct and always worrying about the language you use. Be straight forward! They don’t care who THEY are hurting with these damn “everything is a sex offense” laws so why would an advocacy group like NRSOL care about whose feelings YOU have to hurt to get the point across? Grow a pair!