Reply To: Urban myth unsupported by evidence: Ice Cream Men are safe

Jeremy Heady

Change doesn’t happen overnight, Emil. Look at how long it took the Civil Rights Movement to have the Civil Rights Act of 1964 enacted. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and other civil rights leaders started in the 40’s and 50’s. Depending on who you ask, some say there is still problems in that regard today. That was a class of people that did nothing wrong. The class of SO’s have done something wrong and have given citizens a reason to hate us. That means it is going to be a tougher road for us to fight and will likely take longer.

With that said though, a lot of change has been happening, but slowly. Many cases have been fought in state and lower level appeals courts that had a positive outcome. Some still have a negative outcome though too. One such case went to the Supreme Court recently. The case of Packingham v. North Carolina is currently pending in the Supreme Court and oral arguments indicated a positive outcome for us. This is one of the last (if not THE last) cases the Supreme Court is supposed to decide this term. This case finally shed light to the Supreme Court on the misinformation given in McKune v. Lyle that led to the “frightening and high” assertion in Smith v. Doe. I believe this is why they haven’t decided quite yet.

I believe they realized the mistake the court made twenty years ago and may write a decision that changes the registry forever. That’s my hope at least. Keep engaged and active. Things are starting to change and the courts are starting to realize how unconstitutional these laws really are. The politicians won’t change it, so the courts are our only hope.