Reply To: Foul ball! Oregonian drags pitcher through the mud

Shame on the Oregonian

No, the Oregonian Editors did not have to publish the story of his juvenile conviction or his missed register date since both have been adjudicated and completed. If they were trying to look at it from a campus safety aspect, then it that is different. Nothing negative has ever happened with Luke since he completed his terms as sentenced. Knowing the Oregonian from days gone by, it was a money movement to sell more papers. Had the Oregonian not published it now, then they would be accused of hiding it and being in OSU’s back pocket of support. Chances are any MLB team may have already known this info since they are diligent about their background checks on possible draft picks. Look at what they know about potential draft picks from foreign counties where the info is not as readily available.

No, society has not decided that juvenile convictions must be carried forth into adulthood, but legislative members did (regardless if they had the encouragement of their constituents or not), probably as a show of force and political capital building.

The true come back story here is if Luke is drafted, does well and makes a good MLB name for himself. Heck, he already is a come back story now. Look at what he has accomplished as a young man, baseball player and a person (which you can read in a Seattle Times version of his story since this broke). Will any team take a chance on him now? Hard to tell. It would be a risky idea to complete. Much like a team taking a chance on someone who has a DV conviction, DUI conviction or something else whether it be through the draft or other means to be signed with a team.

This is old news and did not need to be rehashed in print. Not only are they doing a disservice to Luke, but to his family members, the family of the individual and the individual themselves, who is now on the verge of being a teenager if you do the math and probably doing very well with this being in the past through support, etc while not staying in a victim mentality. Being the Oregonian is the only big paper in the Portland metro area of Oregon (stopping at the Columbia River), they can push this and not feel one bit of regret. No wonder Portland is sometimes considered an armpit of the country with their thinking and bewildering ways. Just as Roman Polanski’s victim has asked the court to close his case so she and her family can move on after 40 years, the Oregonian had the same power here for all involved, but chose to not exercise it. Shame on you Oregonian for doing this.