Reply To: Foul ball! Oregonian drags pitcher through the mud


Whether MLB allows him in the draft is not really the issue. Even if he is allowed to be in the draft pool, he could only realistically be drafted by a national league team because of the fact the Canada is host to the Toronto Blue Jays. This is problematic since Canada denies entry to SO’s.

So this pretty much takes all American League teams out of the running for him because they all have to travel up to Toronto 2 – 3 times per season and there is no way they will pay players to stay back for such a reason. when they are paying them so much money.

And even National league teams may not take a chance because there is inter-league play and once every 3 years they will deal with the same issue because they will have to play the Blue Jays (maybe not as many trips though).

Now lets say by some miracle, the teams and Canadian Govt can work something out to let the kid in to play … . Now the team will have to deal with infamous Obama international Travel requirement .. 3 weeks notice .. itineraries etc etc etc… will a team really want to deal with that?

And lets say we get through all that. … since the young man will be traveling so much, he will have to re-register with ever road trip from city to city every 3 to 4 days potentially .. the only time he really gets to breathe and not worry is when his team is on a nice lengthy home stand. And we all know how quick and easy it is to re-register .. in and out like a flash right?? LOL

Right now as a college player, he is getting a small taste (only on after a week they travel) since they only really travel on the weekends when govt offices are closed in cities he is visiting to play. But even then, he still has to re-register when he comes back to his home from those trips even though he was able to bypass registering in the other city.

Now tell me that this is the land of second chances. YEA RIGHT! I want to hear some legislature or judge tell me that this kid has a chance to succeed in his chosen career with all this on his mind. Try to compete with the best athletes in the world while you have to worry about whether or not there was a problem or oversight that could very easily land you back in jail all in the name of REGULATION .. what a crock!. If you think of what Jackie Robinson had to endure (death threats, harassment, being turned away in hotels and restaurants, alienation by his own team because of racist attitudes) as the very first black baseball player, this poor kid will experience something 1000 times worse.

I am pulling for you Luke … Dont give in, take the high road. I believe you and hope to see you make it young man!