Reply To: America’s game: Eternal recrimination and shame


Is Redemption Possible, no not for a RC no matter how many years it has been and how you have changed your life for the good. Work hard, live a good life, be kind, be respectful and take care of your family. The public will not forget or forgive, this kids life is probably ruined, which is sad. Being off the registry in your state really is no help, your records are there for all to see and if you attempt to relocate to another state you are back on theirs in many cases. The whole registry needs to be dismantled but it will not be. Do not let who you are now be determined by some BS Registry. In the end we only have one life, stop wasting it on A hope and a dream, the lawmakers are never going to do the right thing until they are really forced to do it. By the numbers of RCs that do nothing this game is going to take 1000 years. I know what I did was wrong, I paid my debt and I refuse to kneel for the rest of my life to any of these people any longer. I have found freedom in my heart, I have forgiven myself, I only hope that this young man and the rest of you can do the same. For over 12 years I have donated to different groups, gave my time and energy to them and helped 100s of men and women with the same problem in my area and state, only to watch many slip into depression because of jobs, family and the stigma that comes with being a RC, Yet few so called Christian’s would stand up with them. If there is a God he is sitting this one out.This young mans family should have been fighting a long time ago, bet they will now.