Reply To: America’s game: Eternal recrimination and shame


Sandy, your articles about Luke are very well written, and certainly expose the inexcusable decision by the Oregonian to publish their needless and cruel article about this young man. One of my own posts regarding the first article you wrote alluded to my position as being merely politically correct nonsense, and I regret that, for that was not at all intended. My aim was to point out that we cannot simply jettison the victims of sex crimes when stating our case against the current sex offender registry laws, no matter how absurd these laws are. I don’t know if this young lady involved with Luke was emotionally damaged or not, but I am relatively sure it is not a “life-long” issue for her. That is an exaggeration by those who see such skewed facts as a means to keep the general public inflamed about sex offenses and offenders. One of the real problems in the area where I live is registered citizens who refuse to own up to the guilt of their actions, and just always complain of being treated unfairly for no reason. This is NOT the message to present to the public. It only adds fuel to the fire. The current laws are a disgrace and terribly unjust. No reasonable person can argue that point. The Oregonian has ruined Luke’s immediate future, and perhaps his remaining future. There is no justice in that. But, we will make little progress if we try to portray always the “angry victim” mentality. Thanks for your articles, Sandy. Thanks for your efforts on our behalf. God help us to be diligent in seeking change, but may we also exhibit mercy towards those who have indeed been victims.