Reply To: America’s game: Eternal recrimination and shame


“Ruined forever” This is a long time indeed. A Ruined life do we really want to create one every time one is made? It is my opinion that the ruined life argument is BS, and as someone who did not escape childhood unscathed I can say it is a lie. Maybe cases of the very worst painful abuse imaginable sure you can cry out my life is ruined if you like. Something is done to someone that a majority of people want to stop. There are fanatics on both sides. Untrue statistics and statements are made on both sides to justify their position. Definitions to words are changed to make a new reality. What we are left with is fake and contrived and It harms us all. The truth is the only thing that can make things right again. It must be discovered and broadcast so loud that it cannot be ignored. It must be absolute as to avoid degradation to the credibility of the source. Real science has to be used to overthrow the false statistics and lies. Males and females must be punished equally for a crime. Not all members of our society are interested in justice because it does not effect them. This is how fair and just laws are created.