Reply To: America’s game: Eternal recrimination and shame



One of the reasons I come down on the good people in these comment sections for quoting bible verses is because;

A) The general public who claim to be so religious and forgiving are not forgiving at all. It kinda goes to show that the scriptures are just stories and in the backs of all our minds we truly AREN’T certain of the existence of a god or Jesus. But the stories were written to attempt to form some type of morals in people of the time period. Although the book is full of immoral acts, even by “God”.

B) The general public of “holy rollers” will ALWAYS find some lame excuse to say that god/Jesus forgives everyone …. but NOT YOU SEX OFFENDERS! Read the Old Testament and you’ll find plenty of sexual offenses which “god ” condoned.
And don’t anyone try that “well that was the old way” nonsense with me when you know damn well you’ll always also say “god’s word is everlasting and never changes”.

But….I’ll gladly jump on the fence between religion and my atheism and say this; If you’re going to throw bible verses around, do it at the legislature meetings. I’ll gladly take full advantage of throwing the populace’s beliefs in their faces.

Oh, and this final thought; On the topic of lives that matter, imagine having a BLM member get into your face and scream at you “DO YOU THINK BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!??” And you reply “All lives matter”
And the next thing you know, you’re picking yourself up off the ground after being slugged in the face.
That’s essentially what’s happening with these “victims’ lives matter” promoters. How DARE anyone say the perpetrators’ lives matter, too. How dare you!