Reply To: In classiest act category, winners are Luke, OSU


Nobody is disagreeing with your points. You are 100% correct about that. It’s your approach that needs work. Yes we need to raise awareness, educate and point out the unconstitutionality and harmful effects, but we need to do that with a level of maturity and thoughtfulness. If we only attack with harsh and angry words, they are just going to dig in and resist any change, while labeling us irrational and emotionally unstable on top of everything else.
I used to be just like you with my “call to arms” approach. I thought we could fill the streets with our pitchforks, and then they would listen. Eventually I learned that approach is not realistic and that we are seeing much better results when we display ourselves as the mature rational adults we are. We are taken much more seriously when we drop the angry tone and speak calmly. People are more likely to listen then.