Reply To: In classiest act category, winners are Luke, OSU


It is most important to point out the law has no bold and endeering clause or stipulation that any ex offender must prove anything to the public! Period we the people do not have the right to conjure up a heavy burden of crap on the part of the victimizer to fulfill post prison! This is accumulated bs! It needs to stop! Ex offenders pay and are free to move on within society! Hello ! No extrA crap is suppose to be allowed! Hello! Is anyone getting this! Let’s face the truth of all sides of life’s stories and let’s move on with life as it should! No bias no grudges no bs extras no hyperbolic inflammatory public rhetoric! No stupid and regressive policies that take the law back to the bc time! Let’s wake up people! We are suppose to be an advanced civilized society that has seen and known to. E above eye for eye and understand how psychology, psychiatry and socially should be used to really help people in need!