Reply To: In classiest act category, winners are Luke, OSU


Jonny Everyman,

You and others need to stop living in the land of make believe that you think ANYONE of the people out there in this great big world are going to give a damn about sex offenders.
Who spiked your punch?
This is not ONLY a case of a person who committed a sexual offense, it’s a case of a MINOR who committed a sex offense. The very same group of people (the minors) that we’re so worried about “protecting”. Had he been sexual with an OLDER person, even by his own experimental consent, he’d be the victim, not the perpetrator. Funny, isn’t it?
And it’s about time SOMEONE speaks up and throws it in the face of the lawmakers AND society at large.

The day anyone’s kid gets caught up in a sexual offense be it touching or sexting, watch how fast those parents start crying to their attorneys “Not MY child! They’re just being kids and didn’t know any better. Do something!!!” They’re not going to give a damn about anyone “owning up” to the offense as much as they’re gonna beg for their kid to NOT be listed on the “pedophile list”, as so many refer to it.

This is also not about “owning up to” whatever it was we did. Some people have very serious offenses, others have petty offenses. Whatever the case, you’re shooting yourself in the foot by saying “why do we need to be branded for life” and out of the other side of your mouth you’re saying “we need to own up to our offenses”

Obviously society doesn’t care if we’ve owned up or not. The way the majority sees it – we never will own up.

So yeah, I’ll keep it real while you live in imaginary land that people are ever going to sympathize with us. Good luck with that.