Reply To: In classiest act category, winners are Luke, OSU


Nice try Fred, but you didn’t offend me, you just made me laugh because you’re angry that one of use registrants actually attempted to do something rather than come on a website forum and simply complain with other registrants. Wow! That helps, eh?
And yes, they DID print my article. And no, I wasn’t on a “tirade”, but you seem to be a bit twisted.
I have an idea….eenie, meenie, miney, moe…if you’re only going to attack my comments, you know where to go 🙂

Now then, as for my “tirade” in the local paper and helping to make us all look like violent, demented people who can’t be trusted, I explained to them that NO ONE KNOWS WHO MIGHT COMMIT A SEXUAL OFFENSE AND THAT A PERSON WITH NO CRIMINAL RECORD IS NO MORE TRUSTWORTHY THAN THOSE OF US WITH ONE. REMEMBER, THERE WAS A TIME IN OUR LIVES WHEN WE HAD NO CRIMINAL RECORD EITHER.

Does that make us look like violent, demented people? If so, oh well. Someone had to tell it like it is.

P.S. John Everyman, you think Fred is “spot on”? For what? Trying to attack my reply? Oh yeah. He’s spot on, alright. Typical keyboard warrior, he is.