Reply To: Registering juveniles creates only harm

nobody in particular

People speak and behave as if anyone under some arbitrary age are not even human-beings, who have human emotions, needs and thoughts. They treat their sons and daughters as if they were nothing more than delicate little porcelain dolls, or clockwork wind-up toys which they *own* the way they own their house or their car, and most American parents are literally terrified at the prospect of their children growing up or developing on a natural course before they have “permission” to do so. The idea that boys and men are solely responsible for “corrupting” the “weaker sex” is so hard-wired into the American conscience, that even if a girl were a few years older, and testified under oath that a sexual act was, in fact, completely consenual, the boy would *still* be prosecuted with little deliberation. It’s mind blowing how, in the 21st century, and after decades of imperical science and research into biological, normative human sexual development, that this nation has decided to criminalize our very physiological desires and drives, while at the same time commercializing sex as it would any other cheap product. Is it advisable for teens to have sex? Probably not. But criminal? Deviant? Perverse? Come on. That is a social family and community issue, not something that should be left in the hands of politicians and armed forces, whose only intention is to capitalize on suffering and stupidity. It’s as if people are eager to bring back the dark ages. Next they’ll be drilling holes into “delinquent” skulls to “release the demons”, and everyone will just shrug and say “the law is the law.”