Reply To: Registering juveniles creates only harm


-Joy Baisden

I’m putting the response here because you can’t read it under the comment you made. The words are jumbled.

You were correct in how excessive his punishment was. It truly was/is ridiculous. What I was implying was that a society which makes hunting down and tearing up adult, male SOs as much as it could, one of it’s top priorities, would also do the same when it comes to male juveniles who commit SO crimes involving other minors. Like you said, there are certain people who don’t want to look soft on crime. Or perhaps their mentality towards SO crimes involving minors got the best of them.

I implied that if juveniles commit the very same acts which are considered terrible crimes by the masses, and men who commit them are hunted down and destroyed, then the juveniles should pay a price too but of course not as excessive as the one he was given.

Not only was his punishment excessive, they actually made sure that the girl paid no price whatsoever and not considered her an accomplice, despite her actively engaging in the same crime. So in a sense they went soft with her, as is typical in cases where underage females lie to men about their age then have relations with them. Keep in mind that he is male.

Where does the line get drawn though? There was a case where a boy, about 13-14 had severely assaulted a girl under 11. The assault was a crime of “that” nature, basically an SO crime. There were youth advocates who spoke out on his behalf for the punishment he received, which was excessive for him but not in comparison for men who have done similar things to minors or women.