Reply To: Seeking Registered Humans! Tell Your Story!

TNF 13

Do you know how many human interest stories have been aired in the past two years? Do you know what the reactions are? Do you watch the comments when they do a series on civil commitment, or a storytelling time with a registrant? If you want to make a difference, plug Untouchable. Collect money to show it to policymakers, youth serving organizations, prevention programs, and those with power. You need to get three kinds of people to listen: Those that form policy, those that inform policy, and those that inform the public. Those three groups are most adept at reaching people, because they know exactly how to spin it so that people will buy it. By comparison, the work you, I, Derek Logue, or anyone else does is child’s play. Convince the experts, they have been doing it for years.

I have all kinds of respect for people that choose, of their own volition and do their own pushing, to tell their stories with their real names. But that respect must run both ways: Those of us who use pseudonyms should not be maligned for not going public with a real name. I have serious doubts about involving my advocacy in any kind of public campaign that could impede someone’s mental health, particularly someone who has committed a sex crime. If you want to take that risk, then that is on you, and you can live with whatever consequences there are. I for one remember a man named Galen Boughman and the support I lent him, and I will not be going there again.

TNF 13
Advocate for the Primary Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse