Reply To: Seeking Registered Humans! Tell Your Story!



While this opportunity is not for everyone, NARSOL believes it’s important to respect the wishes of people who DO want to have their names and faces associated with a more positive narrative about their human dignity. Nobody is being made to participate in this option. But the project serves no meaningful purpose without the value of self-revelation and transparency. As Sandi has commented already, Tales from the Registry ( has been available for years as an appropriate forum for people to express themselves without revealing who they really are. That forum remains available and will continue to be supported. But there have been quite a few people over the years who have wanted to do even more to present a positive, dignified illustration to the public that “life on the registry” does not have to be defined by fear, failure, hiding and despair. In fairness to those people–and to provide them with a suitable platform–this project will continue. All we ask is that the people who are willing to take such a bold step are not berated or maligned by their brothers and sisters who choose to remain more discreet. That’s simply a matter of respect.