Reply To: Seeking Registered Humans! Tell Your Story!

TNF 13

I must say, I agree with Kat here. I will share my story as TNF 13, or not at all. The reactions are not rational, and I will not become a horror story for the sake of changing policies. I must draw the line and do what is safe for me, and for many, many offenders with any kind of support system, the overwhelming advice will be the same as I have received: Keep your head down.

There are some crimes that have public sympathy, and even they get the irrational responses. I value my job and the progress I have made, and it would not be wise to intentionally put myself in a risk situation. The same is true for many, if not most, RSO’s. Rather than a public sympathy campaign, it would be wiser to stick to the facts and calming, rational language. I will be sharing my more frank stories come September… you can watch with me as I receive the fallout from it, then you can ask me to share my real name.

TNF 13
Advocate for the Primary Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse