Reply To: Seeking Registered Humans! Tell Your Story!


Name and picture? What? Are you kidding?
Those on the registry have suffered enough, their name and picture are already on the registry along with so much more personal info.
Why would you ask them to subject themselves to the possibility of more harassment or violence? Are you going to take responsibility for whatever consequences occur?
I understand the basic premise, put a face to the label so that people will see that these are not “monsters” but ordinary people, however, those who are saddled with this label of SO may have jobs and families that will be put at risk with this idea. The general public will not care, it’s like pet adoption photo’s and blurbs, for the most part the public reads it, thinks “oh, so sad” and moves on.
Personally, and I only speak for myself, I think this is a bad idea. Write the stories, that’s fine, but don’t expect SO’s to lay down their lives more than they already do.